Data Cabling from CJ & A Installations

CJ & A Installations ltd carry out structured cabling installation from 1 point to 5000 for any customers throughout the UK. We install:

    Data cabling installation
    Cat 5e cables
    Cat 6 cables
    Cat 6 enhanced cables
    Shielded Cat 5e cables
    Shielded Cat 6 cables
    Multimode Fibre optic installation
    Singlemode Fibre optic installation
    Blown fibre installations
    CW1308 telephone cabling
    Telephone systems
    IP networking
    Active equipment
    Electrical Installations *small works only
CJ & A Installations Ltd will in most cases provide a survey free of charge and we aim to provide a detailed quotation within 48 hours to a week depending upon the size and complexity of the job.

As a rule jobs under 200 outlets should be returned within 48 hours those of a larger size may take up to a week.

Contact us for a site survey/quotation:

Our Standards / Warranty

CJ & A Installations Ltd are committed to providing a high quality service, on time and with the minimum disruption to all our clients.

We can offer a 15 to 25-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on systems and components dependant on customer requirements.

CJ & A install warranted cabling systems from the following vendors: –

We can also install cabling systems from other suppliers such as: Brand Rex, Molex, Krone, Connectix, Mayflex

All of CJ & A Installations Ltd site engineers are CSCS and ECS approved.

We follow a reliable step by step process:
Free Consultation
We can assist in assessing your complete needs. Our approach will look at not only your immediate applications but will also take into account future requirements, future growth of your organization and possible technology changes which would impact upon your computer network cabling needs.
Site Surveys
CJ & A estimators are available to compile a comprehensive analysis of all you're cabling requirements. When new builds are involved we will work from the blueprints rather than an actual site visit. Factors such as structural layout of the site, building regulations and H & S issues are among the conditions that will be incorporated into the final design. If a site visit is allowed then this information gathered will be incorporated into the proposal document.
Sundry Works
Our capabilities allow us to perform many activities, which may be required before the 'real' job begins. This could include installing cabinets, diamond drilling, and all types of containment.
Infrastructure Installation
We can install a wide variety of transmission media including copper,
fibre optic, twisted pair.
CJ & A tests and certifies every link in every installation to ensure
standards and warranty compliances.
Project Management
CJ & A will Project manage all our installations with experienced Project managers who have many years experience working in the industry.